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Narikutti Swami - 2
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Kamala Devi continues....

After a long sea voyage they reached Ceylon, as it was then known
and journeyed on to Kataragama, where they met with Gauribala,
who was commonly known as the German Swami.  Gauribala was
a disciple of Sri Yogaswami of Jaffna and had a small circle of people
around him, including a seemingly ancient lady, who served him.
The old wise woman named each of the four young men who had
gathered  with suffix 'kutti' meaning a small young babe.

Snadgross received the name of Punai-kutti, the kitten whilst Windsor was called Nari-kutti, the baby jackal!  Sri Gauribala said:  "The jacklal will remain here; the kitten will return to his home."  The prediction proved correct.  The now Narikutti Swami cut off all ties
with his past and never again contacted his family in Australia.

The two young ment lived in Kataragama for sometime, adapting to an extremely simple life-style without any of the Western comforts to
which they were accustomed. In the hot climate, clothing was reduced to the traditional two pieces of khadi cloth [Veshti] and
tundu [towel], whilst food was rice and sambhar.  At one time, they set off on a pilgrimage, wishing to visit the major Siva temples of South India, which symbolized the five elements.

It seemed that Narikutti was made for the life of a sadhu.  He seemed to have an ear for language and quickly picked up conversational Tamil to converse.  He made a life long study of Tamil and spoke it in the Jaffna style.

Longing to meet Sri Yogaswami, he made his way to Jaffna.  Sri
Yogaswami born in 1872, was a powerful spiritual figure, renowned for his terse words and apparent bad temper.  But, when Narikutti went for the first time, he sat down amongst other devotees one evening.  Yogaswami beckoned him to come up and sit beside him,
favouring with a fond look!  The initial show of favour did not last though and subsequently Narikutti was sometimes forbidden to approach the guru's house, being sternly told, "Go! Go away!"
by Yogaswami and even given a push.  Nevertheless Narikutti persisted in remaining as close to his guru as possible, until Yogaswami died in 1964.

Yogaswami was a Jnani of great experience and he demonstrated and emphasized 'mounam', silence.  A little book called Words of our Master, published in 1972, was also kept by Narikutti where Yogaswami's four Mahavakyas were set out.  These being:

There is no evil.
We do not know - Who knows?
All is Truth.
It was determined long ago.

(Source: As indicated in Part 1)

Arunachala Siva.