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Gopaler Ma - 6
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Visions of Gopala

On her return journey too, she visualized baby Krishna resting in her arms. Reaching her room, she started telling her beads, but her Chosen Deity, for whom she had practised japa and meditation all her life, was playing besides her, pestering and demanding various things and snatching her rosary. To calm him down, she tried to make him sleep by caressing him, but he complained that the pillow was too hard! Gopala also assisted her in collecting the firewood. The mother with a heart overflowing with love, sometimes fondled the child and sometimes rebuked him for his naughtiness. Thus a divine sport continued in the sacred temple- garden of Kamarhati - a phenomenon so rare in this age! Gopaler-Ma’s life is the verification of the Hindu scriptural truth that God can be attained by Vatsalya Bhava, worshiping Him as a child. With a pure mind and one-pointed devotion, she could raise her consciousness to such a state that she could actually feel the living presence of her object of worship. She was convinced and the Master too assented that he was none other than her Gopala.

For about two months Gopaler-Ma had unbroken communion with her Gopala, after which the frequency of her visions decreased. She complained to the Master, who consoled her by assuring that in Kaliyuga, it would be impossible for a person to sustain the body with one’s mind attuned to the highest plane of superconsciousness. Gradually she felt the presence of Gopala in everything and a radical change was observed in this orthodox woman. All the distinction between high and low, the touchable and untouchable and all the scrupulousness in the matter of food and rituals vanished altogether from her mind. Later she could receive a ‘foreigner’ like Nivedita without the least hesitation and even lived with her till her end. Gopaler-Ma was thus transformed into a saint radiating bliss and joy, and she continued to inspire people with her devotion, purity, sweetness and simplicity.

... to be continued
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