Author Topic: Some thoughts on Kamba Ramayanam  (Read 2315 times)


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Some thoughts on Kamba Ramayanam
« on: April 27, 2009, 01:58:17 PM »
Ravana's real name is Ravana.  His original name is Dasakanta,
a man with ten heads.  He went skyward and found Kailas blocking
his way.  He tried to lift it.  Nandi only prevented him first. But
he made fun of Nandi calling him a monkey.  Nandi cursed him
saying that he would die due to a monkey.  In fact, Hanuman himself is an 'amsa' of Siva.  Then when he lifted Kailas, Siva pressed his
toe and crushed him underneath.  He cried.  The man who cries is
Ravana.  Then he sang Samagana and Siva forgave him and also
gave him 30 million days of life and a sword.  Ravana also means
one who is black.  Ravana is jet black in compexion.  [He is a real
Tamilian!]  Sri Rama is greenish, like Uma his sister.  Sri Sita is  whitish, like Brahma who is her brother.  Saraswati and Siva, the
siblings, are golden hued.

Saint Arunagiri Natha uses the word Ravana six different times,
giving six diffferent meanings in one of his Tirupugazh songs!

Arunachala Siva.