Author Topic: Some thoughts on Kamba Ramayanam  (Read 3380 times)


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Some thoughts on Kamba Ramayanam
« on: April 27, 2009, 01:34:37 PM »
Kambar says in his Tamil Ramayanam, that four persons got
misery/death by not listening to their younger brothers.

1. Sri Rama Himself, by not listening to Bharata's words,
to come back to Ayodhya and take up kingship, refused and
chose to go to forest.  He missed his wife in forest.

2. Again Sri Rama Himself, by not listening to Lakshmana's
words that the deer in the forest (Maricha) is illusory, chose
to chase the illusory deer and lost his wife through abduction.

3. Vali by not listening to his younger brother Sugriva's words
to return his wife and kingdom, chose to be adamant and in
the process lost his life.

4. At the end, Ravana did not listen to both Kumbhakarna and
Vibhishana.  Both told him to send back Sita.  Kumbhakarna said
"You are carrying a ball of fire at your stomach.  Please return
the fire."  But Kumbhakarna chose to be with his brother in the war.
Vibhishana gave the same advice but chose to be with Rama.

Arunachala Siva.