Author Topic: Chapter VIII of Chandogya Upanishad - 3  (Read 1628 times)


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Chapter VIII of Chandogya Upanishad - 3
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Section 3 continues...

4. The teacher said: "Then, this person, who is the embodiment
of happiness, emerging from the body, and attaining the highest
light, assuming his real nature.  This is the Self.  It is immortal
and is also fearless.  It is Brahman.  Another name for Brahman
is Satya , Truth.

5. Sa, ti, yam -- these are the three syllables [which represent
Brahman]. 'Sa' stands for that which is immortal.  'Ti' stands for that which is mortal.  And 'yam' stands for that which controls both the
mortal and immortal.  As both are controlled by it, it is called 'yam'.
The person who knows the significance of these three syllables enjoys divine bliss everyday in the dreamless deep sleep.

Section 4:

1. Next, this Self is like a dam.  It supports the worlds and protects them from getting mixed up.  Day and night cannot cross over this dam.  Nor can old age, death, bereavement, good actions, and  bad actions. All sins turn away from it, for this Brahman is free from evil.

2. Therefore, by crossing this dam, if you are blind you do not feel you are blind.  Similarly, if you are hurt, you do not feel you are hurt. And if you are mentally upset, you no longer feel the sorrow.  This is why if you cross this dam, even night will be like a day, for this world of Brahman is always full of light.

[Many Saiva Siddhanta saints like Manikkavachagar, Arunagiri Nath extol this experience of 'no day/no night expanse.'    They call it
full moon on a high noon!  The sloka gives identical expression.]

3. Those who attain this Brahmaloka through brahmacharya become the masters of Brahmaloka.  They can visit all worlds as they like.

[ Brahmacharya here means only self control.  It does not mean the
literal 'celibacy'.  Bhagavan Ramana has always said that celibacy
is not the 'must' for self realization.  He said even the householders can realize the Self, if they live in self control, free from desires.
Bhagavan Ramana said Brahmacharya means only brahma-charya,
staying in Brahman.  Brahman has no male and female.  It is one without a second, only the male female separation causes duality
and from there, attraction for one to another.  Sri Sadhu Om says:
Life is like a magnet which has got north pole and south pole.  Do
not remain at either end.  Remain at the centre, where there is no
polarity, attraction.  Even if you cut a magnet, the polarity does not
go.  The cut halves again possess north pole and south pole.  Cutting is compulsory celibacy.  It does not help.  Remain at the centre alone would help to avoid attraction either way.]

Arunachala Siva.