Author Topic: Chapter VIII of Chandogya Upanishad - 2  (Read 1602 times)


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Chapter VIII of Chandogya Upanishad - 2
« on: April 27, 2009, 12:44:18 PM »
Chapter VIII continues....

Section 2:

1. If that person wishes to be in the company of his forefathers
they appear before him, as he wishes.  Joining his forefathers
in that world, he becomes great.

[like this, the upanishad describes the worlds of mothers, fathers,
sisters, brothers, food, music, fine arts, 'dancing women', any
province etc., etc., Compare this with Yama luring Nachiketas
with food and dancing girls.  Nachiketas says: 'To hell with your
food and dancing girls.  I want only to know the place by going
to which there is only bliss and no return....' Kathopanishad.]

Section 3:

1. But all these desires are under a false cover.  Though they are
great and they rest on the Self, they are all false.  This is why if
a relative dies, one does not see him again in this world.

2.  Further, those of his relatives who are still alive and those who
are dead, and also those things a persons cannot get even if he
wishes for them -- all these he gets by going with his Heart.  All
true desires of a person are in his Heart, though they are hidden.
It is like when there is gold hidden somewhere underground and
people who are ignorantof it walk over that spot again and again,
knowing nothing about it.  Similarly all these beings go to Brahmaloka every day, and yet they know nothing about it because they are covered by ignorance.

[Inside the Heart is the whole universe.  When we are in deep sleep, dreamless sleep, we are then one with Brahman and one with the whole universe.  We are not conscious of it, however, because of our ignorance.]

[Once some devotee asked Bhagavan Ramana:  "The Indrakola and Chandra loka, are they all true?"   Bhagavan Ramana replied:  "Yes, they are all true.  Even there, someone like you is asking questions and I am replying.  I am there in all twenty lokas simultaneously sitting like this!"]

3. The Self resides in the Heart.   The word  Hridayam, is derived
thus hrd = ayam -- 'it is in the Heart'.  Therefore, the Heart is called Hridayam.  One who knows thus goes daily to the heavenly world
i.e in his dreamless deep sleep he is one with Brahman. 

[This is the Avasthatrayam, which Mandukaya Upanishad succinctly describes and Gaudapada explained in Mandukya Karika and Sankara wrote in his  further commentary.  Bhagavan Ramana also explained this along with the same meaning of Hridaya, "it is here, in the Heart." Heart is the seat of self realization. The only further description that Bhagavan Ramana said is that Heart is not physical blood pumping heart but the one which is on the right side of the chest.  He explains it in ULLadu Narpadu - Anubandham verses.
The human beings  are so much used to 'look for outside.'  We look for Garuda in the sky, look for sun and full moon and the third day crescent moon!  We look for the gods in the temples and in our home altar.  We hardly look within.  For this purpose, the upanishad says: "You worship in your Heart.  The Upanishad for its own reasons, does no describe the Heart Centre as in the right side of the chest.  Perhaps, the sage left the seeker to experience the 'place', without telling it.]

Arunachala Siva.