Author Topic: Chapter VI and VII of Chandogya Upanishad  (Read 1689 times)


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Chapter VI and VII of Chandogya Upanishad
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Uddalaka Aruni says further to his son, Svetaketu:  "That which is the
subtlest of all is the Self.  It is the Truth.  It is the Self.  That thou
art."  Svetaketu says:  "Please explain this to me again!"

Why Svetaketu says that he did not understand?  This understanding
itself can happen only after a long process preparation.  It does not
happen by a fluke.  After years of hard work and after shedding many tears, at last one day one's mind becomes pure and free from ego.
This is the attainment of chittasuddhi.  The mind then becomes clear
as a mirror.  Once one knows who he is, he can never be deluded.
There is no darkness where there is light.  There can be no room for
ignorance.  But without chittasuddhi, even if the teacher tells one
that he is the Self, he will not believe it.  One will continue to think
he is the body, mind, prana etc., This is something like the dust on
the mirror.

Uddalaka continues:  O, my son, those rivers belonging to the east
run to the east, and those belonging to the west run to the west.
Rising from the sea, they go back to it and become one with it.  Just
as when they reach the sea, they do not know their separate entities.
' I am this river, I am that river.'  In the same way, all these things
having come from Sat [Brahman] never know this. They never think
'We have come from the Sat'.

[Bhagavan Ramana gives this example in His beautiful poem, Verse
8 of Sri Arunachala Ashtakam.]

When Svetaketu says that he did not understand still, Uddalaka Aruni
gives another example.  "O my son, if you strike at the bottom
of a big ree, it will exude some juice.  But it will continue to live.
If you remove the leaves from some branches, the leaves may wither
away but the tree lives. But if the Self withdraws [ that is, if you
strike at the root and uproot the tree], the tree will die. Know this.
When the Self leaves the body, the body surely dies.  The Self,
however, never dies, it is immoral.  That which is the subtlest of all
is the Self of all this.  It is the Truth.  It is the Self. That thou art."

When Svetaketu again says that he did not yet understand, Uddalaka Aruni asks him to bring a fruit of banyan tree, to cut it open and then see the tiny seed.  He says: "The finest part in that seed is not visible to you.  But in that finest part lies hidden the huge banyan tree.

Arunachala Siva.