Author Topic: Sri Guru Ramana Prasadam - 3  (Read 1437 times)


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Sri Guru Ramana Prasadam - 3
« on: April 25, 2009, 06:17:30 PM »
Muruganar continues....

Verse 41:  The world of the Lord was not merely my one staff
and support as the wise have described it.  Because it brought
me certitude, completely removing my deluded mind's confusion,
it itself became the experience of the state that is replete with the
unalterable truth of liberation.

Verse 42:  Though the light of the enquiry of Jnana [Jnana Vichara],
which is true spiritual practice, and through the precious words of
my techer, who is established in the sstate of Mouna wherein liberation has its origin, I have merged with the absolute fullness
of his grace, as existence like sweetest ambrosia, the eternal non-
dual experience of Sivam. [Sivam = Siva Consciousness]

Verse 45:  My protector and guardian, he stored up within my
heart the treasure of his Jnana in the form of the lofty remembrance
that is eternal devotion.  The words of that ascetic who, having attained the all-transcending selfhood of Lord Siva, dwells in the joyous state of Mouna are indeed the support of the wise.

Verse 47:  He is my father, the Supreme Godhead, whilst for me,
I am not worthy of sitting at the feet of such a Master.  And yet,
through the power of his gracious gaze, I was able to remain close
to him, offering him my devoted service.

Verse 49:  Entirely banishing lust and all the rest, my gracious Lord,
guru Ramana, true wisdom's flame, watches over me.  Through his
very glance he revealed to me the upsurge of divine love, which is
the savour of the experience of loving union with Lord Siva, sweet
like the rich juice of a ripe mango.

Verse 53: Sundering the [fusion of] consciousness and the insentient
that is the perplexed wandering mind, the acute grace-bestowing gaze of the great jewel, Guru Ramana, was consummated as the
expanse of grace, rare Mouna such that the sorrow of birth that stems from the Self forgetfulness was entirely abolished.

Verse 54:  Subduing me and bringing me under his control, he drew
my consciousness to himself with the irresistable magnet of his
grace.  From the profound depths of his Mouna, his gracious glance
cleaved the knot of my ego's ruinous cravings in an instant.  How
great is the power of his piercing gaze!

Verse 56:  Though the forgetfulness [pramada] that arose through
the error of failing to empire what was truly real, I revelled in the
illusory existence of the physical body.  But the Lord, through his
glance of grace, united with my consciousness, and brought me into
harmony with true existence, the fullness of the open sky [of the Self.]

Verse 59:  Siva Ramana, whose gracious form is purest gold, came
drawing my wicked self to him and making me his servant.  Under
his gaze, true awareness has manifested as divine love through 
the bright and pure reality of his nature, whose form is supreme

Verse 63:  When Guru Ramana, whose nature is profound absorption
in the divine, freed me from all uncertainty, [revealing that]
perceiving is itself creating*, the three fold division of objective
knowledge was exposed within my heart as mere trickery, and under
Selfhood's steady gaze my restless mind stood still.

[*drishti-srishti vada]

Verse 65:  I was bound for destruction, through my disastrous
attachment to the world's illusory reality, until, under my fair
Lord's gracious gaze, my understanding was flooded with the
delightful experience of Lord Siva's bliss, and I entered a new
life in the boundless realm of Mauna, the supreme reality.

[Source: As indicated in Part 1)

Arunachala Siva.