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Mahalakshmi Amma - 7
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Mahalakshmi Amma, had a large family to attend to and whilst doing
so she had the habit of executing all the household work as though
commanded by Bhagavan Ramana.  Whatever was cooked, was eaten
only after being offered to Bhagavan.  While, eating, whether at home
or outside, she observed silence.  Even in the Asramam, due her strict
adherence to orthodox rules, she used to dine in the kitchen with the
permission of the Asrmam management.  When coming for lunch,
she would bring three small bowls in a bag.  Receiving a small quantity of side dishes in the bowls and rice on a leaf plate, she would never acccept a second helping.  Even the served food she ate only
after offering it to Bhagavan Ramana.  She was to be found at all other times to remain in dhyana in Bhagavan's Hall.  Even after the traged narrated above, the couple with their other children frequently visited the Asramam.

The entire family came to the Asramam for the 'kumbhabhisekham of the Matrubhuteswara Temple.  The children, especially the older ones who had for some time not had the opportunity to sit with Bhagavan during lunch, longed to sit beside Him.  The day of their return home was fast approaching.  One day, Mahalakshmi Amma managed to bring all of them just in time for lunch.  Somehow she managed to find places for everyone except for herself and the eldest daughter, who was very disappointed as she was unsure whether she would accompany her parents the next time.  Both stood at the threshold
of the dining hall from where they feasted their eyes on Bhagavan. When lunch had been completely served to everyone, Bhagavan usually signalled its start by nodding His head.  But this time, He looked to His left and right, told someone to lay two more leaves, between Him and the entrance of the kitchen and asked Mahalakshmi
and her daughter to seat themselves before these leaves.   He waited until they had been served and only then nodded, signalling the start of the lunch.  As their leaves were so near Bhagavan's leaf, with great reverence mingled with awe, they took the greatest care not to scatter any rice out of the leaves.   They ate happily, enjoying the meal and the profound grace of Bhagavan.  They respectfully waited until Bhagavan finished His food. Mahalakshmi often recalled this incident with tears, gratefully saying how fortunate their family was to be blessed by Bhagavan again and again.

When they heard of the impending operation on Bhagavan for the cancerous growth, they immediately travelled to the Asramam.  A throng of people had gathered, however, darsan for that day was over.  Early next morning, Mahalakshmi arrived at the Asramam and sat at the entrance of the Mother's Temple, in front of the closed doors behind which Bhagavan Ramana was resting.  As she was telling her beads, suddenly the doors opened and Bhagavan emerged.  Looking at her, Bhagavan said, "Um...Um...", acknoweldged her presence and walked to the now Mahanirvana Room.  That every afternoon, darsan re-commenced and they returned home after jointly seeing Bhagavan!

(Source: As indicated in Part 1)

Arunachala Siva.