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Mahalakshmi Amma - 4
« on: April 24, 2009, 05:02:08 PM »
[Bradley, the famous commentator of Shakespearean Tragedies,
says in his book that King Lear is the most painful tragedy.  And
he could not read it in one stretch, without sheding tears in between,
and discontinued reading many times before completion.  I also
felt the same way about the story of Mahalakshmi Amma. Perhaps
with a few exceptions like Tiruvachakam and a small booklet titled
Bhagavan's Maha Nirvana, written by Arthur Osborne and Viswanatha Swami, which graphically describes the last one year of Bhagavan
Ramana's life in the body, I have not shed tears much as for this

This is the dialogue that ensued in their presence.

The devotee asked: "Swami!  It is said the the body can be kept alive for a long time, by the practice of pranayama, and that a Jnani can
accomplish this.  Is it good to do so?"

Bhagavan remained silent for sometime and then solemnly said:

"Yes!  If they do so, they will live long.  But can one become a Jnani by just living for long?  Adi Sankara lived for just 32 years, Manikkavachagar attained liberation at 32 years.  Sundaramoorthy lived for just 18 years and Jnana Sambandha for just 16.  Are they not Jnanis?"

"A Jnani who is ever in bliss, has no attachment to the body and to him, the body is just a disease.  He only awaits the release from body.  Preserving the body is the practice of Siddhas.  When I was living up on the Hill there were many who professed to follow the ways of Siddhas.  If somebody went to see them, these men would enquire: "Where are you from? What is the name of your grandfather?  Your great grand father?"  Then they would say, "When your great grand father was a small boy, I came here."  People listening would be astonished at their longevity and health.  They would prostrate to them, thinking they must be great mahatmas, make their offerings and go away.  But all this was only to hoodwink the world. Can they be called Jnanis?"

Bhagavan Ramana then continued:  "In Yoga Vasishtam, when Sage
Vasishta was instructing Rama on the knowledge of Atman, a crowd of siddhas descended from the skies to hear it and exclaimed: 'What a wonder is this?  This young lad Rama, at so tender an age, has gained Jnana.'  And they thought, 'What is the use of our having lived so long?' "

Bhagavan then asked, "Do you understand?"

The devotee replied: "What Bhagavan says is true."  Another devotee remarked that some people very proudly proclaim, 'I have lived for 80 years.  What more do I need?'

Bhagavan smilingly said: "Yes! Yes! That is a vainglorious claim.  Thereby hangs a tale."

(Source: As indicated in Part 1)

Arunachala Siva.