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Mahalakshmi Amma - 3
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Bhagavan Ramana with great compassion and solicitude, sent
someone to the Railway station to fetch him, with instructions
to break the sad news only on approaching the Asramam.  When
he did hear the news, he threw down on the road all the playthings
he had bought for his child and wept broken hearted.  When this
was reported to Bhagavan Ramana, He narrated the happening of the previous day, how Mahalakshmi had insisted on His touching the child to apply 'the vibhuti'.  Bhagavan Ramana said:  "Wondering why I just kept quiet in spite of her insistence, she begged and so I applied
'the vibhuti'.  The next day, the child died.  Nayana used to tell all
devotees, 'Do not allow children to be touched by Bhagavan.  If you do, He will liberate them at once!' "

But a slender hope lurked in Mahalakshmi Amma, who had boundless faith in and devotion to Bhagavan.  She hoped that the child might, by Bhagavan's Grace, come back to life.  Those were the days, when orthodoxy reigned supreme and orthodox rules forbade her to bring
the lifeless body of the child into the presence of Bhagavan Ramana, although her maternal heart yearned for His Grace.

A little distance away from the path to the 'gosala' was a huge haystack.  With great terpidation and hesitation, she brought the lifeless child and laid it on the ground by the haystack and waited with abundant hope for Bhagavan to pass by.  Varanasi Subbalakshmi Amma, who was by her side consoled her and gave moral support to the grieving mother.

When Bhagavan Ramana did come, Mahalakshmi was hesitant to come near and prostrated from where she was.  Bhagavan, the very embodiment of compassion, stopped and rested His eyes on the child with a long look of grace.  He stood in silence for sometime and proceeded on His way.  The desolate moitehr took in the situation and stood speechless.  She resigned herself to her 'prarabdha' from which sshe realized that there was no escape.  Next day, they bathed the child and adorned it with garlands from the Matrubhuteswara Temple.  Later that morning, they buried the child.

They then packed for the trip home.  Their traits was leaving at 9 p.m. and at 2 p.m. they came into the presence of Bhagavan Ramana, in the Jubilee Hall in order to take leave of Him and avoid the crowd which would gather around for Vedaparayanam in the evening. As if to do away with their grief, the divine will prompted a devotee to pose certain questions to Bhagavan Ramana, the answers to which brought soothing comfort to the sorrow stricken parentss and lifted them from their despondency.  Bhagavan's responses gave them courage and fortitude and made them feel consoled at the thought that, as the child had given up his body in the Holy Abode of Bhagavan, hsi short prarabdha had been spent, he must have attained a high state of being in his spiritual evolution.

(Source: As indicated in Part 1)

Arunachala Siva.