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Mahalakshmi Amma - 2
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Mr. Mallikarjuna Rao was in transport business and owned a fleet
of buses.  The couple thus became prosperous, but were simple souls,
living virtuous lives with generous charitable dispositions.  Theirs
was a prolific family too.  Mahalakshmi always had a small  baby to nurse.  Despite a long journey from Vijayawada, they desired to meet Bhagavan Ramana as often as possible, with all their children.  They had five daughters and four sons.  Unfortunately, all the four sons
died young.  The successive tragedy broke their hearts and it was
difficult for them to come to terms with this tragedy. 

When a fifth son was born, they brought the child to the Asramam in its sixth month for Anna Prasanam.  (Introducing the child to Anna or cooked rice for the first time). When they brought the child, Bhagavan Ramana agreed saying, "Good!"  They arranged for a bhiksha with Pal Payasam (Rice boiled in milk with sugar).  When all sat for lunch, Chinnaswami brought a silver bowl given by Mahalakshmi, with
Pal Payasam and placed it before Bhagavan.  While Rao was holding the child in front of Bhagavan, He tasted a little of Payasam and fed   the child with Payasam three times.  The child was indeed blessed.  But after reaching home, this child too unfortunately died.

The couple wondered whether they were destined to have any male progeny at all.  They consulted astrologers and did various rituals.  Sometime in 1947-48, a sixth male child was born to them.  The couple decided to bring up the child with begged food and begged clothes.  The friends who knew this peculiar "vrata" helped them. After a few months, they again desired to perform Anna Prasanam in the holy presence of Bhagavan Ramana.

The family arrived in the Asramam one week in advance.  They waited patiently in front of the ladies' guesthouse for Bhagavan's return from the post office.  They prostrated and Rao told Bhagavan the reason for their visit and then they held the child in front of Bhagavan. Bhagavan Ramana playfully snapped His thumb and middle finger to attract the attention of the child. The child, leaning towards Him and looking at Him fixedly, caught hold of Bhagavan's hand and started to suck His thumb!  Bhagavan Ramana was amused and said to the child, "Won't you go?"  Rao had to forcibly take away the child.  A bhiksha was arranged for the auspicious day.  When there were just two days to go before the function, the child became suddenly ill, with high fever.  Dr. M.R. Krishnamoorthy, a devotee of Bhagavan Ramana, who was then at the Asramam, treated the child, but the fever did not subside.

Mahalakshmi Amma's heart became numb with fear. She was convinced that if Bhagavan were to touch the child and apply 'vibhuti' to its forehead, the child would survive. She carried the child with some 'vibhuti' and waited for Bhagavan Ramana to pass by from gosala.  When she prayed to Him, Bhagavan Ramana remained silent  for.  She repeatedly begged and beseeched Him and Bhagavan, just to satisfy her, applied 'vibhuti' and went on His way.  Unfortunately, the next day, the child died!  Mallikarjuna Rao had been away to Madras, and he was to return only the next day.

(Source:  As indicated in Part 1)

Arunachala Siva.