Author Topic: Ajaan Maha Boowa and Bhagavan's Self enquiry - 4  (Read 1453 times)


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Ajaan Maha Boowa and Bhagavan's Self enquiry - 4
« on: April 23, 2009, 05:36:47 PM »
Reinhard Jung continues....

By that stage, the mind had advanced into Samadhi -- an intense
state of focussed awareness, assuming a life of its own, independent
of any meditation technique. This is known as the mind being in a
state of continuous Samadhi.  In other words, the Citta is Samadhi
-- both are one and the same.

Here the next stage opened up.  While he was sitting one night
as usual easily entered Samadhi, Ajaan Maha Boowa started to
experience the most intensive pain:

[Ajaan Maha Boowa writes:]  Eventually, my body was so racked
by severe pain that I could hardly cope.  The Citta was suddenly
unnerved, and its good, strong foundation compleely collapsed.  I
thought: "Hey, what is going on here?  I must make every effort
to figure out this pain tonight."  I was determined to investigate
the nature of pain until I understood it clearly and distinctly. I
would have to dig deep.  But, if need be, I was willing to die in
order to find out the truth about pain.  Thus started one of his
inner adventures tht required all of the courage until the moment
he could clearly see that his consciousness or Citta was different
from his sensations.  As soon as this principle became absolutely
clear, the pain vanished in an instant.

There was no movement -- not even the slightest rippling -- inside
Citta.  The Citta emerged bold, exultant and utterly fearless.  Fear
of death ceased that night.  Getting up that morning, I felt indescribably bold and daring.  I marvelled at the amazing nature of my experience.  Nothing comparable had ever happened in my
meditation before.

And what is it that dies?

The four elements, earth, water, wind and fire -- they do not die.  As for the Citta, how can it die?  It becomes more conspicuous, more aware and more insightful.  This essential knowing nature never dies, so why is to so afraid of death?  Because it deceives itself.  For eons and eons, it has fooled itself into believing in death when actually nothing ever dies!

(Source:  As indicated in Part 1)

Arunachala Siva.