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Miracles Do Happen
« on: April 21, 2009, 10:49:24 AM »
Banu Sharma son of T.K. Sundaresa Iyer, writes in Mountain Path,
April-June 2009:-

From my school days, my father Sundaresa Iyer was an ardent
devotee of Bhagavan.  He used to see Him in Virupaksha Cave.
I lost my mother when I was just five years old.  I was brought
up in Sanipoondi, my grandmother's village through the financial
assistance of Sri Kameshwara Iyer, my maternal uncle.  Even though
my father was a school teacher, I was not promoted to the next class,
as I was a poor student.  Nevertheless, my father was interested in
my future by securing a job for me.  Bhagavan Ramana called Maurice
Frydman and told him about me. N.R. Krishnamurthi Iyer was also
requested by my father to find a job for me.  When two proposals were made for my job, I went to ask Bhagavan Ramana about His
opinion.  Bhagavan Ramana said:  You go to Bangalore, to Frydman's
factory.   Next day, I went with Frydman to Bangalore!  Frydman took
complete care of me.

In 1940, Dr. Mees, a Dutch academician met Frydman and asked him
to find a person to clear his philosphical doubts.  Frydman told him about Bhagavan Ramana in Tiruvannamalai, and then asked me to go
along with him!  Dr. Mees took a long list of questions to Bhagavan
Ramana and both of us sat in the Old Hall.  Till lunch time, Dr. Mees
never raised any question.  At the stroke of lunch bell, we also stood up and I asked Dr. Mees why he had not raised any questions.  Dr. Mees said:  "I got all my doubts cleared by the darshan of Bhagavan!"

In 1945, I was afflicted with typhoid and was laid up in my father's
place in Tiruvannamalai.  My father was with Bhagavan for about three days without coming home.  Bhagavan Ramana asked my father about my ailment and whether he had visited me.  That evening my father rushed back home with vibhuti and applied it on my forehead.
I started recovering from that moment.

On the night of 12th April 1950, I had a dream about Bhagavan leaving the body.  I told my wife and rushed to Tiruvannamalai.
My father himself was surprised.  My father got further surprised
about my dream.  Bhagavan Ramana attained Maha Nirvana on 14th April 1950.  I was one of the few blessed persons, to carry Bhagavan's body in a white cloth bag, filled with vibhuti and bilva leaves, and to lower it in the Samadhi.   

I continued to work with Frydman till 1956 and then started my own business of super structures for buildings. 

But for Bhagavan Ramana, I would not have been able, with such a minimal education, to lead a comfortable life.  Bhagavan Ramana's Grace is always with me.

(Source:  As stated above.)

Arunachala Siva.