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Sri Arunachala Venba - 11
« on: April 20, 2009, 12:37:45 PM »
Sri Sadhu Om continues...

84. Arunachala is that supreme Vastu (Reality) which Sadguru
Ramana ever points out in His supreme silence and by His very
presence, after locking the clamouring restlessness of our mind
and senses, and by revealing the ever-present "I-I" Consciousness
as aham sphurana in our Hearts.  The showering grace of Guru
Ramana is Arunachala in manifest form.

85.  The holy name "Arunachala" is the loud instruction proclaimed
by Sri Ramana Sadguru with the sankalpa (will or intention) that
His devotees should attain by invoking the Lord's Name the highest
blessedness through extinction of all desires in the flame of vichara.
Arunachala is indeed the king ruling over the mighty trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra [in charge of creation, sustenance
and dissolution respectively].

86.  Whatever I need to perform well through my triple instruments
of body, mind and speech at whatever place and whichever appropriate time in and through all my worldly (vyavaharika)
transactions is all carried out by Arunachala by His abundant
Grace.  He is verily my loving Father.

87.  Arunachala is the Holy Mantra emanatingfrom the lotus
countenance of Sadguru Ramana , who came with the lustre of a
hundred rising suns effulgent in true Self Knowledge.  Arunachala
is verily the supreme Knowledge of Self.

88.  When my power of austerity (tapa virya) diminishes due to
pramada (forgetfulness, lapse in Self attention) induced by tamoguna.  Arunachala induces a fresh courage and impetus in
my Heart through the whiplash teaching of Sadguru Ramana who
is the lion of Vedanta exuding the power of Lord Siva with the
highest dictum:  "You are verily That Brahman".   Arunachala
is the golden treasure revealed to me by Guru Ramana.

89.  It is a wonder if a seeker does not understand in a trice
what this "love of Self" or "Self-enquiry" means, as championed
by Sri Ramana.  But then it is Arunachala who has kept it as a
mystery.  My swadharma (foremost duty) is he quest of the Self
and as Arunachala is the Self, Arunachala is my swadharma.

(Source:  As indicated in Part 1)

Arunachala Siva.