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Sri Arunachala Venba - 8
« on: April 19, 2009, 05:25:29 PM »
Sri Sadhu Om continues....

56.  All the vasanas arise from the causal ignorance namely the
ego or the "I-thought".  Their extinction can be achieved only by
externaminating the root cause, the source of all calamities, which
is the "dehatma buddhi". The Grace of Arunachala is unique because
It is intent only in destroying the ego, which is the root illness
[or the original sin] so that all samsarik afflictions are put an end
once for all  [ that is, Arunachala is not only for providing only
'placebo' treatments or palliative remedies].  After eliminating
the fundamental ignorance, Arunachala settles down in the Heart
of the seeker and abides as the Self for good, thus ruling over us
as a benevolent monarch.

60. "Rest assured that you will never get even an iota of happiness
from the objects of the world as they are non-Self only [anya vastu].
All happiness and peace inheres in the Self alone. Therefore, dive
within, enter the Heart and enjoy the Bliss of the Self by abiding
as the ever pure Self" -- thus exhorting the seeker, Arunachala
pulls his mind inward and destroys the darkness of the blinding
infatuation with sense pleasure pursuits.  Arunachala is thus the
dazzling sun of Self Knowledge, rising in the bosom drenched in
utter desirelessness.

62. Those who repair to the Holy feet of Bhagavan Ramana with
the unflinching conviction that Ramana Sadguru is their ultimate
refuge may yet commit thousands of blunders until mano nasa
is attained [which is nothing but ahamkara nasa], that is
falsification of ego and not destruction of the functional mind].
Arunachala forgives these countless falls and does not fail to
protect the devotees by showering Its cool Grace, until sadhana
culminates in Liberation.

63. Arunachala puts an end to all the habitual extroversions of the
mind by eliminating its impure vasanas and makes it turn inward
by the habit of Self attention and eventually sinks it in the ocean
of the Heart, where It ever shines as the imperishable "I","I",
Consciousness, ceasing to be in an external object apart from the

65. When devotees go round Arunachala (pradkshina) with a
view to see Lord Siva, wearing the crescent moon, it is by the
Grace of Arunachala that the moon comes over the summit of
the Hill by nightfall and offers them a breathtaking sigh of
beauteous nature bathed in divine glory.

66. Oh, dear mind!  Be assured that Arunachala's Grace is ever
upon you.  By Its working, you will gain the recognition of your
true nature [swarupa jnana] and thus attain immortality.  On your
part, you need only to dwell on Arunachala at least for a while,
with a sincere desire for blissful peace that manifests when all
the vasanas are completely extinguished in the bosom.

(Source: As stated in Part 1)

Arunachala Siva.