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Sri Arunachala Venba - 7
« on: April 19, 2009, 04:49:26 PM »
Sri Sadhu Om continues.....

48.  Our Lord Ramana has indeed called Arunachala Hill by the
universal name, Heart.  Devotees attracted by His teachings
come from all corners of the globe and eventually gravitate to
His lotus feet in utter surrender.  They do not need to formally
convert to Hinduism in order to follow the teachings of Bhagavan
Ramana.  Here as the quest in purely inward-driven, everyone is
assured of teaching the goal of knowing the Self and thus inhering
forever in the Heart through self-enquiry as revealed by Bhagavan.
Since there is no external validation through formal sacraments in
this unique path of Bhagavan, it does not disturb in the least the
original faith of the seeker. Eliminating thus even a hint of psychological violence inevitable in any process of religious conversion, this path is truly the reconciliation of all faiths and thus
it is the essence of all religions, promoting harmony and unity.

50. "Oh Lord Arunachala, only thgosse fortunate souls blessed
and ripened by your Grace can turn inward and quickly enter the
Heart within and setttle in the samadhi nishta of blissful repose.
Where is the hope for meek and weak souls like me who are utterly
unworthy to receive your Grace."

51.  "Do not read this Arunachala Venba at the half-way  point and
start enjoying right away, look back at your composition only after
completing all the 100 verses," thus goading me onward to complete the job undertaken, and supplying Venba first word for every verse,
from within is Arunachala's Grace indeed.

52. The mother herself teaches her child her own name and upon
hearing the lisping of her name by the child, the mother rejoices.
[ What credit can the ignorant child deserve?]  In the same way,
Arunachala alone nourishes me, a mere prattling child, forcefully
with Its Grace akin to mother's milk and prompts me to sing onward supplying chaste Tamil words for composing this Hymn and rejoices
with pride at my feeble attempt.

53. The unrivalled Grace of Arunachala bestows Liberation upon
thosse who merely think of It  [Smaranat Arunachalam].  In accord
with this unique way of salvation, Arunachala drew the immaculate
Sadguru Ramana unto Itself by giving Him Its remembrance even
at a tender age and settled Him in Its very lap for the rest of His
entire life, so that all seekers [mumukshus] might be inspired by
His towering example to similarly dwell upon Arunachala lovingly
in their minds and attain liberation by the mere Power of Its name.
[The present age is truly blessed as devotees from far-reaching corners of the earth are also enabled to remember Arunachala
inescapably while thinking of Ramana Sadguru, for the two are
indeed inseparably linked forever].

(Source: As stated in Part 1)

Arunachala Siva.