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Sri Arunachala Venba - 2
« on: April 19, 2009, 12:27:31 PM »
Sri Sadhu Om continues....

6. Brahma and Vishnu with the duties of creation and sustenance of this manifest universe once forgot their source which is the supreme Brahman and got perturbed with a rising ego, each claiming to be the foremost power.  Then the supreme Self (Paramatma Vastu) manifested as this Hill of Fire (Agni Lingam), Arunachala upon
this earth and nonchalantly quelled their ego by turning their
minds inwards.

8. Lord Siva first manifested in the form of an infinite column of fire as the primordial Linga (Lingodbhava) which subsequently settled in
the form of Arunachala Hill.  Upon mere remembrance of the name
or form of Arunachala, the Lord bestows liberation to devotees.
Sadguru Ramana declared authentically to all devotees that
A-ru-na-cha-la is the incomparable holy five syllabled mantra [panchakshari]  by chanting which liberation is gained easily.

9. When a sincere seeker feels helplessly stranded and stunned
as to what else to do for attaining liberation, when he finds finally
that even mastery of all scriptures and practice of all austerities are
all futile in gaining Self Knowledge, and thus yearns intensely for Grace alone in total surrender, then the Holy Hill of Arunachala beckons him in Its lap (as the unfailing means of liberation).

10. For those devotees who lovingly seek refuge in Arunachala, the
Hill becomes the Guru who enters their Hearts and annihilates
all the tormenting vasanas, causing the bliss of grace to well from
within and eventually swallowing their misery-causing individuality.

11. Do not delude yourself that I am merely this finite human body
but know Me to be the supreme Self by turning the mind inward.
The consciousness that is shining as "I" is My real nature, (Swarupa)
-- thus saying Sri Ramana, the supreme space of pure consciousness, bestowed His Grace, upon us of His own accord and took us in His
fold.  He is none other than the human manifestation of this

12. Having composed the "Bridal Garland of Letters" and offered
it to the bridegroom Arunachala in celebration of their wedding and then by virtue of merging into him, Bhagavan Sri Ramana becomes my loving mother and Arunachala my father.  Thus for my eyes, this Arunachala Hill ever shines as Siva with His consort Mother Parvati.

(Source: As stated in Part 1)

Arunachala Siva.