Author Topic: Atma Vichara Padigam - 3  (Read 1491 times)


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Atma Vichara Padigam - 3
« on: April 19, 2009, 11:20:54 AM »
Sri Sadhu Om continues....

Verse 7:-

To group the 'second and third persons' (idam vritti) and pursuing
it without a pause, is utter foolishness.  Running after this 'second
and third persons' by paying attention to them will fuel the thinking
activity even more.  But turning that attention inwards towards
the 'first person' (aham vritti) is equivalent to suicide for the ego.
Because only by pursuing the inquiry of the aham vritti relentlessly
to its logical end, will the ego be exterminated.  This is the only way
for the annihilation of the ego (ahamkara nasa which alone is
referred to as mano nasa).

Verse 8:-

Without seeking the source of aham vritti shining as "I am this body"
in everyone's awareness but constantly turning the attention of one's mind to the 'second and third persons' which includes our own body
is nothing but the play of ignorance.  But if you raise the doubt "is not the seeking of aham vritti itself is a pursuit  of ignorance?  Why should I then seek after a false enquiry instead of pursuing the
truth?" then listen to my answer!

Verse 9:-

The reason for the progressive attenuation and eventual annihilation of the "I-thought" by tracing the source of the false 'aham vritti'
is just this.  The "I-thought" is the scent of finding the true Self
as it is nothing but a ray emanating from the Source of our deathless
Being.  By training the powerful search light of our attention and latching on to this ray without any lapse (pramada), the length of this ego ray progressively diminshes and finally disappars leaving in its wake the pure "I AM" shining without any veil of all limiting attributes.
(Thus though the "I thought" is a false entity, it is called a useful
"leading error" as by holding on to it, one arrives at the Swarupa of oneself.  Bhagavan emphasizes that attention on aham vritti leads to aham-sphrutti ( or aham sphurana) which alone bestows aham bodha (or aparoksha).

[The famous Pancha Dasi text deals with this 'leading error' concept
('shamvadi bhrama) in great detail with examples in Chapter 9.]

(Source: As stated in Part 1)

Arunachala Siva.