Author Topic: Atma Vichara Padigam - 2  (Read 1360 times)


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Atma Vichara Padigam - 2
« on: April 19, 2009, 11:04:23 AM »
Sri Sadhu Om continues....

Verse 4:-

This "I-thought" does not arise in the deep sleep state devoid of dreams, nor does this "I-thought" ever arise (for the Jnani who
ever abides) in the true Jnana-nishtha.  Only between these two
states does this  "I-thought" appear as "I am the body" (in the waking and dream states) and disappears otherwise (in the deep
sleep state and the enlightened mode of Being).  For this reason
alone, this "I-thought" is said to be mere thought which comes
and goes and hence to be dismissed as false.  (Our nature, by
definition, is the ever present Self and never transient like this

Verse 5:-

When this "I-thought" flourishes, all miseries also flourish (for
it is the seed of ignorance and hence of samsara).  It is this "I-
thought" alone which is called the 'ego'.  It arises and survives
only because of lack of self-enquiry.  By not leaning on it for one's
existence and by intently questioning this "I am so and so" thought
with unrelenting attention, it evaporates out of existence without a
trace (even as mist vanishes with a rising sun).

Verse 6:-

Because of this "I-thought" (aham vritti) which pretends as the
(grammatical) 'first person', the entire world comes into being as
the second and third  persons, 'you' and 'it' - (idam vritti).  If the
searchlight of our attention gives up its fancy, for the 'second and third persons'  and turns itself on this "I-thought", then this pseudo-first person will disappear and the substratum of true Being will
flash forth as the ever present "I,I" Consciousness without the
adjunct of 'so and so'.  This undecaying true 'First Person' alone
is the real Self and staying aware of the Self is indeed Jnanam,

(Source: as stated in Part I)

Arunachala Siva.