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Welling Bust
« on: April 18, 2009, 06:49:04 PM »
Dev Gogoi while writing about various photographs of Bhagavan
Ramana, has mentioned about G.K. Welling, is known even today
by Ramana devotees, for his wondrous bust-size of Bhagavan.

There is a poem by Mukesh Vatsyanana in Mountain Path, Jan-Mar
2006, on this photograph.

On the Welling Bust:-

Each cell of this face shelters a Sun
so tempered and serene it will hold the gaze,
turned outside forever tied to illusion's tail,
till the errant gaze melts in the yielding eyes
and God's peace attends the ungodly heart.

Caught in the lustrous spell of this face,
Welling's camera revealed the good image
--- Bhagavan, you are right ----
enough to make an immacualate portrait
and bless the orphaned gaze to come.

This face a gentle nod to liberty
initiates a natural releasement
from the mind-cage of mind-made men,
even beyond the earth locked meanings
they give the word in their muddy idiom.

This face balanced on an ambivalent --
a maternal mindfulness circumscribed
by an air of illimitable sanctity --
you appraoch with love, pause, stand in a hush,
awed before the blazing Self hymned in flesh.

This face forever in the right gathers
our duelling faces scattered in the wrong
hoist with our Jekyll and Hyde petard,
and high above the schizoid terra
houses us whole in a convent of stars.

O grace-fed, grace-feeding face,
wrapping infinity in the folds of your skin,
hold us graceless in the alchemy of silence,
place a drop of ambrosia on our tongues,
knowledge distilled to the point of compassion,
that your presence may shine in our O absent hearts!

(Source:  As stated above.)

Arunachala Siva.