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Writing in Light - 12
« on: April 18, 2009, 04:36:46 PM »
On another front, fresh images turn up every now and then, a print
here, a negative there, like hidden termas coming in light at the
right time, which is always a joyful occasion.  This year, Ella Maillart,
the Swiss traveller and photographer who was with Bhagavan Ramana in the 1940s, gited our photographs of Bhagavan Ramana to the Asramam.  "I understand you wish to gather the rare documents on the Sage and I want to help you,", she wrote and despite her advanced years, she instructed the museum to which she had given all her original negatives to make the prints for Sri Ramanasramam,
at her own expense.

Is all this taking us somewhere?  Yes.  A respected Western Vipassana teacher pointed out that it was three centuries after the
Buddha's Maha Nirvana, before any images in his likeness were made.  Two and a half millennia after his passing, this need to represent his human form has spawned to a vast and expressive
iconography.  As befitting the twentieth century, Bhagavan Ramana has left us with authentic templates, photons bouncing off His
perished form, focussed through glass, etching patterns of light
and shadow on equally fragile silver salts embedded in translucent gelatin.  What then, is imperishable, permanent and real?

There comes a time -- outside of time itself -- when one shuts the eyes to both world and picture, to enter the biss of simply being -
Iru, Summa Iru.  Be, Be Still.

(Source: As stated in Part I)


Arunachala Siva.