Author Topic: Manisha Panchakam and Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi  (Read 4345 times)


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Manisha Panchakam and Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi
« on: July 07, 2008, 01:16:17 PM »
Manisha Panchakam is again a small treatise by Sankara.  It contains only five verses and narrate a 'story' that happed in Kasi.  Sankara took a bath in Ganges and was going towards Viswanatha Temple.  On his way, he met an 'untouchable' and he asked him to get away from his path, since he was an untouchable!  (go away, go away -" gaccha, gaccha")   Siva is said to have come in the disguise of that untouchable.  To Sankara's order, the untouchable asks:   " Oh! the great among Brahmins!  This body made of food came from a body that was made of food.  This Chaitanya (the Self) is from another Chaitanya.  Which one, do you want me to clear off?" This
Sun is reflecting as on the waters of Ganges and also on the
waters of the gutter near my house.  It reflects in the golden pot as well as in mudpot.  This great bliss is there in every living being, whether there is any difference between a Brahmin and a lowly dog-eater?"

After these words  struck like a lightning in Sankara, he replies in five verses, where he states about 3 states of waking etc.,in which the Brahman is the Witness. This great Bliss is all pervasive and I misunderstood it due to my 3 gunas, sattva etc.,  I have understood this by the great words of my Guru (that is the untouchable).  This great bliss is an ocean, from the drop of which Indra and other devas are satisfied and the great sages are feeling complete." 

Arunachala Siva.