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Writing in Light - 8
« on: April 18, 2009, 12:30:42 PM »
LIFE magazine, issue dated May 30, 1949, devoted a lavish eleven
pages to an article on Bhagavan Raman, entitled "HOLY MAN, Sri
Ramana Maharshi has India's answer to most of man's problems" by Winthrop Sargeant. It was the hey-day of magazine's photo
journalism, when globe trotting writers and photographers brought
the excitement of the outer world into the homes of the affluent,
rather like what the satellite TV does today.

Sargeant reported: "Sri Ramana would have looked like a superior
human being in any surroundings.  He had the quitely assured look
of a man who has experienced a great deal and thought everything
through a final unshakeable conclusion.  Even a unbeliever could see that He possessed a sort of serenity that is rare even in the contemporaory Orient.  I mumbled a few words of greetings which
I hoped were appropriate and was smilingly waved to a place on
the floor.  The Maharshi spoke very little, sometimes in English,sometimes in the Tamil language, which a considerable part
of His audience did not understand.  But that did not seem to matter.
"You can attain peace merely by being near to Him," the professor
of English literature explained later."

The article is sumptuously illustrated by LIFE staff photographer
Eliot Elisofon.  There are eleven black-and-white photographs, full
of punch, in typical LIFE style.  Copies of this issue and some of
Elisofon's photographs, glossy 11.0" X 14.0" prints from LIFE's
photo labs, many of them unpublished in the magazine are in the
Asramam archives.

(Source:  As stated above in Part I.)

Arunachala Siva.