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Living With Ramana
« on: April 17, 2009, 11:47:27 AM »
Dear Friends,
            I was studying "Living by the words of Ramana", David Godman's book. It contains various stories of close associations of Ramana, who though they had the good fortune of being so close to Ramana ... wasted their time in useless arguments, management fights, unnecessary agitations and politics!
One should be very clear that Living with Ramana means living in surrender, as Self ... not living near the physical body or near the Hill.
though physically far off, if the heart is with Ramana , one is with Ramana.
Truely speaking where is Ramana? He is everywhere ... one need have no doubt about this. That simply means, right now he is here. watching us every moment, living with us. Living with this Bhavana that Ramana is with us here and now [One's ishta daivam --- Mine own is Hanuman is right now with us] ... living thus ... one would automatically get his grace and help.
One needs to surrender  and surrender unconditionally . That is very important.