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Pearls of Wisdom through Mr. Nome - 10
« on: April 16, 2009, 05:35:10 PM »
Mr. Nome continues....

Some would say that the Samadhi was due to hidden samskaras
from the past.  I would rather say that it was due to Grace, for
there was nothing else to account for it. I would rather say it was
due to Grace, for there was nothing else to account for it.  Later,
with recurring experiences, I would examine to see what brought
them about and who brought Samadhi to an end.  What takes one
up and what brings one down?  It helped to eliminate Vasanas --
mis-identifications and attachments.  Yet, the Maharshi's revelation
of the Truth eliminated the entire field.  "Who is the knower?"
The questions about Samadhi themselves were difficult to raise
for one could not expect to acquire an accurate answer in any less
expansive or more formed in state of mind and in Samadhi itself
up the questions would also not arise.  But Bhagavan is turiya-tita
and transcends all.  He showed that what is experienced in essence
in Samadhi does not come and go.  The boundaries constituting the "before the beginning" and the "after-the-end" appear and disappear, for they are composed of only of illusions. "What goes
up or down?"  "Who enters into or merges with what?"  "Who
realizes what?"  Oh!  The way He cuts away every knot and vanquishes every illusion is beyond compare!


The glories of Bhagavan Ramana are endless.  Approach Him assuming He has any of the characterisitics of a man, and He
proves to be transcendent of them all.  If you approach Him
as a knower of the Truth, He reveals Himself to be far vaster,
as the Truth, Brahman itself.  Then, approach Him, as the Supreme
Lord, as Siva -- as the ineffable, supreme Brahman itself -- and
He reveals Himself, in all His vast transcendent nautre, to be present
moment to moment, even in the most ordinary circumstances.


The anecdotes preserved by those blessed devotees and disciples
who witnessed them display this again and again, and we find the same to be true now.  His Grace and Wisdom and His Silent Presence
with us all the time.  "To one who destroyed himself (his ego),
and is awake to His nature as bliss, what remains to be accomplished?
He does not see anything (as being) other than himself.  Who can
comprehend His state?

(Source: Centenary of the Advent of Bhagavan Ramana, 1996,
Souvenir. An article by Mr. Nome.)

Arunachala Siva.