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Pearls of Wisdom through Mr. Nome - 5
« on: April 16, 2009, 02:42:55 PM »
Mr. Nome continues.....

Bodiless He is, and bodiless He makes us abide.  In some mysterious,
inexplicable way, His picture reveals this, with its timeless, Sri
Dakshinamurti gaze, just as He explains this with words brimming
with compassion again and again to the disciples and the devotees, page after page, day after day.  The day the pictures first arrived
from Sri Ramanasramam, so many years ago, was filled with a profound joy.  It was the joy of devotees, of faith, of being blessed
with the guiding Light, of divine support -- in short, the Guru's Presence.  There had been no pictures of any kind, spiritual or artistic, anywhere in the place for months.  Just blank walls, like a
mind that is a clean slate, were there, preparing as it were for His arrival.  They arrived from His holy Asramam on the other side of the world, beckoning me to leave the world altogether.  The whole place
felt sanctified thereby.  The walls and the altar seemed to support
the pictures, but really it was Bhagavan Ramana who was supporting
them and all else as well.


If one is going to see anything at all, it should be the divine face
of the Maharshi.  Silent, speaks all that need be said in the heart.
Like His Teachings, His picture is of perpetual fascination.  When
I first started to read a book, containing His sacred utterances,
I had proceeded only about two or three pages before I realized
that though, in one sense, I understood, I had not truly understood.  So I started from the beginning again.  This happened several times. Eventually, I realized that it was alright to proceed further into the book, but the lesson had been learned.    This was not mere inspirational reading, even of a scripture declarating ultimate Truth.  This was a means of 'Darshan", and if I could really, experientially comprehend even a phrase of it, the Truth would be revealed and all that is to be known would be known.  The perpetual fascination still remains.  It will always. Ever now, ever the same are His Wisdom and His Timeless Presence.


You are not the body.  "How could a transitory, objective, sporadically appearing inert form experienced only in the waking state of mind by dependence on the senses, prana, mind, and ego be my real, continuous, non-objective existence, which is evident without recourse to anything else and is always present regardlesss of the state of the body and mind"?  And how could that which was already being experienced have remained as if unknown or unrecognized? In delusion, the Real is as if unreal or unknown, and the unreal seems as if real.  But Bhagavan, the divine Guru, reveals Himself, and the unreal vanishes as unreal, and thus the Reality remains unobscured.


(Source: Centenary of the Advent of Bhagavan Ramana, 1996, Souvenir.  An article by Mr. Nome.)

Arunachala Siva.