Author Topic: Pearls of Wisdom given through Nome - 4  (Read 1287 times)


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Pearls of Wisdom given through Nome - 4
« on: April 16, 2009, 02:20:23 PM »
He showed the Source, the nature and experience of happiness
to be one and the same.  It is not a worldly or sensory character.
Happiness is within.  What is within is the Self.  "In order to gain
that happiness which is the Self.... one should know one's Self."
It seems that this is such simple Truth and indeed, it is simpler
than any extroverted thought to the contrary, but to fully grasp
it and dwell in into the Self.  Hence, He has so clearly enunciated
it in the preamble to the sacred set of liberating instructions contained in "WHO AM I?"  Once it is truly understood, there is
freedom from the world.  No longer could anything cause suffering, be it an object, an event, conditions or a person.  With His instruction,
the tangled knot of desire and aversion, indeed all attachment, was
cut asunder in such a manner as to make it impossible to be recreated.  The detachment thus yield is of a luminous freedom and peace, the mind's concerns like the darkness before the sun.  Wherever and whenever we are, Bliss is with us in us and can no
more be parted from us than we can be separated from our own
existence.   The joy of absorption of His teaching and absorption
in its own profound meaning far surpasses the fulfillment of any
desire, even all of them put together.  He has revealed Bliss, and with a happy heart, all is at peace.


The entire delusion is said to be the outward-turned mind.  The
outward-turned mind appears as attachements and misidentifications. The outward tendency has the force of torrent, but what motivates it, what gives it that force?  And how to turn it inward and to turn it inward steadily?  Bhagavan Ramana revealed the answers in a way that could leave no doubt or difficulty.  Indeed, what is unknown to Him, the supreme Rishi, he one who has truly known Brahman for He is Brahman itself?  Nothing is unseen by His all-seeing eye.  The outwardness is the search for happiness when its abiding place is not known.


Turning inward, it is essential.  It is the most important thing to be done.  By His Grace, it is accomplished.  Self-effort is needed.  When self-effort meets with Grace, the highest good results.  Turning inward, how to go outward is forgotten?  Accustomed to detachment, one forgets how to be attached.  Immersed in happiness, how to be sad becomes a 'lost art', and one cannot do even in pretence.  There is the recollection that once there was suffering, but no actual memory or feeling of suffering itself.  Where did the bondage go?  I had been tied with a rope.  The solidity of the outward turned mind was but imagination.  Now, by the Truth and Grace of my Guru, imagination proves causeless and rootless, and the mind returns to its Source, like the bird to the boat in a vast ocean, or like a river when it joins the ocean.  "WHO AM I?" becomes known as  the only true question, and the yearned for blissful ego-death is here and now.

(Source: Centenary of Advent of Bhagavan, Souvenir, 1996. An article by Mr. Nome.)

Arunachala Siva.