Author Topic: Bhakti Marga and Jnana Marga - 1  (Read 3098 times)


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Bhakti Marga and Jnana Marga - 1
« on: April 13, 2009, 04:25:51 PM »
Every doctrine provides different spiritual paths for men of different
temperaments, but nowhere are these so clearly as scientifically
formulated as in Hinduism.  The three basic types of path are,
the way of the intellect or the Jnana Marga, way of love or Bhakti
Marga and way of action or Karma Marga.  A natural hierarchy is
recognized in these margas, as Jnana Marga being the highest
and Bhakti Marga comes the next.  However, in embarking upon a
path, there is no question of a man choosing what he considers best.
He must recognize the possibilities of all the margas and only two
questions arise for him; which is most in accordance with his temperament and in which he can find guidance from a Guru.  Further the margas are not exclusive of one another.  In fact, it is usual for
a path based upon one to contain some elements of the others or atleast one of the others. 

To say that Jnana Marga is the way of intellect, does not mean that
it is the most mental or theoretical.  By 'intellect', is meant the
direct intuitional understanding of the heart.  It is a modern aberration to confuse learning and theory with intellect. Sound
theoretical understanding is a useful , if not essential, preparation for any path, as it can safeguard against various misconceptions.  But
it needs to be less extensive and elaborate for the path of Jnana, than for other paths.  Once a man has embarked on this path, in its pure form, he does not need cosmology or symbolism and therefore theory in general falls away except for the basic, simple theory of Oneness.

Arunachala Siva.   


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Re: Bhakti Marga and Jnana Marga - 1
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2009, 05:51:11 PM »
very insightfull post


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Re: Bhakti Marga and Jnana Marga - 1
« Reply #2 on: April 13, 2009, 11:14:46 PM »
They say Bhakti is the mother of Jnana.