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The Nature of our Mind - 4
« on: April 11, 2009, 07:01:29 PM »
Everyday, in sleep both our body and our soul (our mind) disappear.
Yet, we continue to exist, and to know that we exist.  Therefore,
since we remain in sleep without either our body or our soul, neither of these two elements can be our real self.  In truth, therefore, these
three elements constitute only our false individual self, which is a mere illusion.  Our real self consists of one one element, the fundamental and essential element that we call our 'Spirit', which
is our single Nondual Consciousness of being, "I am".

Because this non-dual spirit is entirely distinct from our body and our
individual soul, it is not limited in any way, nor is it divided.   Therefore, the Spriit exists as the heart or core of each individual soul is essentially the single, undivided, non dual and infinite consciousness of being.  What each one of us experiences as our essential consciousness of being, " I am ", is the same non-dual
real consciousness in every other living beings.

Though it is formed only by imagining itself to be a particular body, the mind of each one of us nevertheless contains with itself the
light of our original consciousness "I am".  Just as each reflected
sun lying could not be formed without borrowing both the light of the sun and the limited form of a fragrant mirror, so without borrowing the light of consciousness from its original source, " I am", and without at the same time borrowing all the limitations of a physical body, our mind could not rise into existence.  Thus our mind is a
mixture composed of two contrary and discordant elements, the essential element of consciousness and the superimposed element of physical limitations.

(Source: Mountain Path, Advant 2007.  The above posts are only further abridgement of the article from MP.  The article itself is an
extract from the book of Michael James, Happiness and the Art of Being.  For a free-downloadable PDF version of this book, members
may refer to Michael James's new web site www.HappinessofBeing.

Arunachala Siva.