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Arunachala Puranam - 6
« on: April 10, 2009, 04:29:23 PM »
RB Verse 76:  If water is poured onto the roots of a plant, its fragrant
flowers, leaves and shoots will be refreshed.  Similarly, if pooja,
however modest, is performed in the prescribed manner in Arunachala's City, the result is as if pooja of the most distinguished
order had taken place in Kasi, or any of the other holy places.  If
pooja is not performed here, what does it matter if it is performed in all the other holy places, or indeed in the none of them!

Verse 77:  If those who dwell in Arunachala, which the whole world reveres, entertain doubts in their heart, and conceving a desie for some other holy shrine, depart and go to that place, the austerities
and righteous deeds they have performed previously will become worthless.  However highly born, they will become the lowest of the low.  However greatly endowed with good qualities, they will become morally debased.  Though living, they will be as the dead.  The same fate awaits those who claim that any other shrine is its equal.

Verse 78:  Thus, having pleasingly described and explained to the rishis, the great glory of Arunachala, Lord Nandi, who bears the fawn, battle axe and sword remained at peace.

(Source: Mountain Path, Advent 2007.  An article by Robert Butler.)

Arunachala Siva.