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Arunachala Puranam - 5
« on: April 10, 2009, 04:05:36 PM »
RB: Verse 72:  Whether they are guardians of the three sacrificial fires, or are fully versed in the knowledge of the four Vedas, whether
they are the ministrants of the five sacrifices, whether they perform
austerities or carry out good works of whatever kind, or are practitioners of the eightfold path of yoga, if they do not fix their
thoughts upon that holy shrine, there will be for them no final liberation.  That is why even the Gods in heaven,  meditated  upon it, and thereby attained that deathless state.

Verse 73: Those who dwell in matchless Swarga, feasting on the ambrosia, and those who severally stand guard over the Garden of Pleasure, and the other worlds desire to be born in there, believing
birth in that city, even as a mere worm, to be the greater good.
Except for those who have performed one hundred sacrifices, birth in that noble place is not attainable.  Whilst it is easy for those who are
receipients of the Lord's grace, it is difficult indeed for the other Gods, and the most eminent even amongs men.

Verse 74:  In all other holy places, the glittering presence of Lord Siva dwells like a flawless gem, encaed in a setting of impure gold, silver, brass, copper or worthless iron.  But in that richly abundant place which is called Arunachala, where our gracious Lord in enthroned in majesty, it is as if that same jewel were set in sheet of pure gold.  Thus spoke Nandi, the holy one, the embodiment of grace.

Verse 75:  It is the eyes which light up the holy visage, and it is the holy visage which lends lustre to those dark eyes.  And the combined effect of these causes the whole body to shine.  In the same way, it is due to the Supreme One that Arunachala shines, and due to Arunachala's great City and noble Arunachala together, that holy shrines without number, all of them, shine out.  Thus its glory far
exceeds that of all other shrines, declared Nandi.

(Source: Mountain Path, Advent, 2007.  An article by Robert Butler.)

Arunachala Siva.