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The delightful Tamil Bible
« on: April 10, 2009, 11:39:25 AM »
I read English Bible much later in college days.  I liked King James
Version, rather than the New English Version.  The Tamil Bible was
part of my class lessons.  The Tamil Bible is a delightful creation.
It has been rendered into Tamil directly from Hebrew, by a group
of Jesuit fathers from Tiruneveli/Palaykottai, in southern Tamil Nadu, sometime, in late 19th century.

This Tamil Version uses the Sanskritized Tamil, prevalent in those days among forward communities of Tamil Nadu.  I think, a newer
Tamil version has not come out for the good.  The Jesuit fathers taking great interest in Tamil grammar used very nice words, even for proper nouns.  For example, Joseph, becomes Yoseppu, because, the letter
Jo is Sanskrit and Tamil has no Jo.  Jesus, becomes Yesu.  John becomes Yovan.  Luke becomes Lookka, Mark become Marku, since the words in Tamil do not end in "rk" sound.  The Gospel is translated as Suvisesham, that which is "specially told by the great." Again David, becomed Dhaveedhu, since no Tamil word starts with Da.

The Tamil Bible itself called Viviliyam, a Sanskrit word used for a great Tamil work with 'am' ending.  Tolkappiyam, Agasthiyam etc.,  The subtitle says:  Parisuddha Vedagamam.  It is Very Pure, it is Veda, it is
Agama.  Veda is Sanskrit scripture.  Agama is the Tamil scripture.
Vedagama is a beautiful rendering!

Salutations to those Jesuit fathers, who gave this wonderful creation in Tamil.

I am having an old Tamil, Maharshi's Gospel, copy printed sometimes in 1930s.  Bhagavan Ramana used many Sanksrit words.  It is nice to read that.  The modern Tamil version, has removed all those Sanskrit words with Tamil ones.

Arunachala Siva.