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Arunachala Puranam - 3
« on: April 09, 2009, 02:20:26 PM »
RB: Verse 62:  In that holy place, whose glory is equal even to her own, the Earth's Mother performed austerities so many and so great
that she merged with the One who is my own Master and became his left half.*   (* Unnamulai)

Verse 63:  Mal and Ayan (Vishnu and Brahma) as boar and sought diligently, yet were unable to make the measure of that Mountain,
whose nature gloriously embodies, mantra, bhuvana and tattva*, and were thus relieved from the sin of pride. 

(* These are three of the six paths to liberation in Saiva Siddhanta.)

Verse 64:  Beginning with these first ones and continuing up to the present day, many are those who have attained the deathless state of liberation, through dwelling on Aruna in their thoughts, through lovingly speaking its praises, through hearing of it, and then coming to gaze upon it, through performing pradakshina of it on foot, through dwelling there in a state of righteousness, through walking in the path of truth there, through bathing in its broad tanks, and through carrying out good works, performing holy service in the temples and worshipping there at the feet of that Effulgent Light.

Verse 65:  That holy place is in the Tamil land.  There, the river Pennai is praised as the Ida Nadi, the Cheyyaru as the Pingala Nadi and Kamalai of the great reknown, as the Sushumna.  A single act of bathing in these will yield fruit as a thousand  fold. Thirty three crores
sages will perform religious austerities there.  Its equal cannot be found anywhere, whether it be in the world of men below or that of the gods on high.  Thus, spoke Nandi.

(Source: Mountain Path, July-Sep 2007. An article by Robert Butler.)

Arunachala Siva.