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Arunachala Puranam - 2
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JJ:  Hearing these words of Nandikeswara, Markandeya addressed him as follows:  Visiting these diverse places and offering worship and engaging oneself in allied activities is quite a task even for the long-lived gods and siddhas.  What then can mortal men hope to gain in a life-span brief as a flash of lightning? Worse still is the plight of animals and birds, and hopeless indeed the fate of trees and shrubs. I request you therefore to enlighten us about a place with power to grant Release not only for trees, beasts and birds, but also for the old, the infirm and the lame among men for whom bathing in rivers, pradakshina, ritual worship and namaskara are out of question.  Please enlighten us about such a place in which any Jiva could be confident of Kaivalya, Release.

RB:  Verse 46:  As soon as he whose austerities defeated Death himself, (Markandeya), and other assembled rishis, had finished speaking, and had made obeisance, touching the lotuses of his feet
with the lotuses of their hands, Nandi, filled with deep compassion, began to speak:   "There is one such holy shrine where liberation may be gained in this way; this I shall reveal to you, he said, silencing the assembly with a gesture.  Then reflecting upon Arunagiri's black throated Lord, he fell into a rapturous trance.

RB: Verse 47:  All the hairs of his body stood up on end, he shivered and trembled, rivers of tears burst forth from both his eyes, and speech deserted him, as palms joined in prayer, he remained for a long while in a state of deep absorption.  Thus, uttering these words of praise: "You wear the river Ganges in your hair! Arunagiri's Lord!  You whose eyes are Fire!  My own Lord and Master!, he recovered his senses and began his exposition.

RB: Verse 48:  I shall speak only the truth, this is indeed a place,
which of itself, confers liberation.  Its names are legion.  Is it within
even my power to speak them all?  However, I shall list a tiny fraction
of them.  One of its names is Gauri, giver of supernatural powers, another is City of Light, another Southern Kailasa, yet another is the glorious realm of Lord Siva, anothr City of Vayu, the deeply wise.   

JJ: Being the Spiritual Centre of Creation, it draws gods, sages and tapasvins, in short anyone who thinks of it, to Itself.  There is a Hill, which stands in Krita Yuga, as a Hill of Fire, in Treta Yuga, as one of Diamond, in Dvaapara Yuga as a Golden Hill and Kali Yuga as a Hill of Stone.  When even Vishnu as a boar and Brahma as a swan had to abandon their long-drawn search to find the beginning and end, can we hope to a find a Hill equal to Arunachala?  The Sun, thirsting to sip from the springs on this Hill, the water which even the celestial Ganges considers holy directs his chariot horses, to leap over Arunachala daily!  When dense clouds of white surround its base, it appears as though Arunachala were a rising peak amidst snow-clad Himalayas!  To cap it all, the Deepam which is lit on its summit during the cool month of Karitka seems like a prominent diamond on a grand crown worn by Mother Earth.  Why, even Himavaan, the god of the Mountains, was once crest-fallen that he had to give his daughter Uma in marriage to a mendicant, the skull-carrying Siva.  But leaping with joy when informed of how Siva had once silenced Brahma and Vishnu by assuming the form of a Hill, Himavaan exclaimed with obvious relief, "How wonderful to know that our son-in-law-to-be
belongs to our race ater all!

(Source: Robert Butler's article in Mountain Path, July-Sept 2007.  J. Jayaraman's article as an appendix to the book The Glory of Arunachala.)

Arunachala Siva.