Author Topic: Atma Vidya is very easy!  (Read 1462 times)


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Atma Vidya is very easy!
« on: April 06, 2009, 02:52:59 PM »
Another time in the Jubilee Hall, a Telugu devotee came to Bhagavan
Ramana and complained about  the 'pallavi' of Atma Vidya, where
there is mention of release being very easy.  "Ayye adi sulabam,
atma vidyai...."

"O Bhagavan, how can someone such as I get release? Release may
be easy for one like you but how is it possible for an ordinary person like me?"

Bhagavan Ramana said: "If it is easy for me how can it be difficult for you?

"But, you are Bhagavan, I am just an ordinary man!"

Bhagavan Ramana then said: "If you were to have to carry something too heavy for you to pick up, what would you do?"

"I would seek the help of others," the devotee responded.

"In the same way, seek the help of the Divine or simply surrender
to Him,"  Bhagavan Ramana said.

"That is one thing that is just impossible for me.  Today I will say I have surrendered, but the next day my ego will rise up and dance with abandon."

Bhagavan Ramana replied:  "In that case, do one thing, pray to Him
to help you to surrender.  If you cannot do even that, simply suffer
what comes your way!"

(Source: Reminiscences of Bhagavan, Smt. T.R. Kanakammal.)

Arunachala Siva.