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Meeting with Muruganar
« on: April 06, 2009, 02:02:35 PM »
Mr. M.V. Sabapathy writes:

On our 1946 trip to see Bhagavan Ramana, we also went to see
Muruganar, who was then living in a hut in Palakottu.  We went
several times and on each occasion, he gave us dates and sugar
candy.  Many years later, in 1960, I went to see him again after
a gap of fourteen years.  At that time, he was staying in T.N.Krishnaswamy's house, which was near the Asramam.

Seeing someone cleaning his dentures, I asked:  "I have come
to see Muruganar Swami.  Where is he?"

The man replied:  "You are looking at him now!"

I felt rather foolish.

As soon as we went inside he began to tell me about my father and mother.  Afterwards, for about half an hour, he explained Bhagavan's
teachings in fluent and flowing English.  During our meeting, I expressed regret that I had not been able to appreciate Bhagavan's
greatness nor understand His teachings since I had only had His
darshan, at a very young age.

Muruganar responded by saying:  "Suppose there is a huge and fiery
flame.  Irrespective of whether one is young or old, whosoever gets
near It, will be affected by the heat.  Proximity to Bhagavan will not leave us without first making us mature.  It will, without fail, reveal the Truth to you at the appropriate time."

The last time, I saw Muruganar was when I went to visit the Asramam along with my brother Ramanachalam.  At that time, Muruganar was staying in the Asramam dispensary.  When we attempted to prostrate
to him, he withdrew his legs, saying, "No need to do namaskaram
to a human."

Then speaking about the greatness of Bhagavan Ramana, he told us:

"Bhagavan and Arunachala are not different.  They are one and the same."

This was his final Upadesa to us.  A month after our meeting he
merged into the feet of Bhagavan Ramana.

(Source: Mountain Path, April-June 2006)

Arunachala Siva.