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Mauna Vs. all religions
« on: April 05, 2009, 12:28:59 PM »
Though Bhagavan and Tayumanavar both pointed out that the limitations of yogic practices, and though both were sharply
critical of people who attempted to attain siddhis, they  had a generally tolerant attitude to different religions and their various
practices.  They know that they all ultimately resolved themselves
into the state of mauna in which all such distinctions and differences
were rendered invalid. The following is from Bhagavan and is followed
by a similar statement from Tayumanavar.

"The doctrines of all religions contradict each other.  They wage
war, collide with each other, and finally die.

"On this battlefield all the religions retreat defeated when they
stand before Mauna, which abides beneficiently subsisting them all.

"The rare and wonderful power of Mauna is that it remains without
enmity towards any of the religions.

"The many different religions are appropriate to the maturity of each
individual, and all of them are acceptable to Reality.

"Abandoning vain disputations, which only deludes and torments
the mind, accept the doctrine of the Mauna religion, which remains always undisturbed."

                                            (Padamalai - Religions and Religious
                                              Knowledge, chapter, Verses 1-5.)


Shining Supreme!
If we scrutinize all the religions
that look so different,
we find no contradiction in their purpose.
They are all your sport.
Just as all rivers discharge into sea,
they all end in the ocean of Mauna.


VeRupadum samayam ellam pukunthu parkkin
ViLangum Param PoruLe!  Nin viLaiyattu allal,
MaRupadu karuthu illai; mudivu il Mona
Varithiyil nadhi thiraL pol vayangitru amma!

(Kal alin - 'At the foot of an old stone like banyan tree.'
Kal alin Verse No.25)

(Source: Mountain Path, Jayanti 2005. An article by Robert
Butler and others.  Sri Tayumanavar Songs, Sri Ramakrishna
Tapovanam, near Tiruchirapalli.)

Arunachala Siva.