Author Topic: Bhagavan Ramana, Tayumanavar and Siddhis  (Read 1780 times)


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Bhagavan Ramana, Tayumanavar and Siddhis
« on: April 04, 2009, 12:37:28 PM »
Even though in the verses of Mandalattin, Saint Poet Tayumanavar
says, that siddhis would accrue automatically when his mind had,
through grace of his Guru, ceased to function, he generally disapproved of attempts to pursue such siddhic powers.  Bhagavan
Ramana said ("Talks No. 122") in this connection about a stanza in
Tayumanavar, where the saint poet condemns all siddhis.  This is
Verse 8 of Tejomayanandam.  While 'Talks' has not specified the
verse, Viswanatha Swami in his Tamil rendering of 'Talks' -
Bhagavat Vachanamrutam, has given a part of this verse.  Robert
Butler and others have rendered this full verse in English.  The
Tamil song is:

Kanthu uha madha kariyai vasama nadathalam,
  karadi vem puli vayaiyum
Kattalam, oru singam mudhuhil mel koLLalam;
KaNchevi eduthu aattalaam

Vendhazhalin iradham vaithu ainthu lohathaiyum
     vedhithu vitru unnalam
Veru oruvar kaaNaamal ulahathu ulavalaam
      ViNNavarai eval koLalam

Santhathamum iLaimaiyodu irukkalaam matru oru
    Sarirathilum puhuthalaam
Jalam mel nadakkalaam; kanal mel irukkalaam
     Than nigaril siddhi peralaam
Chinthaiyai adakkiye summa irukkinra*
     ThiRam arithu; Sattu ahiye en
Chitamisai kudi koNda arivu ana deivame!

To tame a rutting elephant, who has snapped his tethering post,
and to walk him under our control -- that is possible.
To muzzle a bear, or a fierce tiger -- that is possible,
To ride upon the back of the incomparable lion  - that is possible.
To charm snakes and make them dance -- that is possible.
To put mercury into a furnace, transform the five base metals,
sell them, and live from the proceeds -- that is possible.
To wander the earth, invisible to everyone else -- that is possible.
To command the celestials in our own service -- that is possible.
To remain forever young -- that is possible.   
To transmigrate into another physical body -- that is possible.
To walk on water, or to sit amidst flames -- that is possible.
To attain supernatural powers, that know no equal -- that is possible.
But the ability to control the mind, and remain still*
is very difficult indeed!
God, whose nature is consciousness,
who as the Reality, impossible to seek,
took up his abode within my understanding!
Refulgent Light of Bliss!**

(*  Saint Poet Tayumanavar has used the word Summa Iru.
** Refulgent Light of Bliss - Tejo mayanandam.)

(Source: Mountain Path, Jayanti, 2005. An article by Robert Butler
and others.  Tayumanavar Songs - Tamil - Sri Ramakrishana Tapovanam, near Tiruchirapalli.)

Arunachala Siva.