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Bhagavan Ramana and Saint Poet Tayumanavar - 5
« on: April 03, 2009, 01:09:36 PM »
In the earlier post, I mentioned about Nammazhwar's song also.
This song starts as 'Yane ennai ariya hilathe..." in Tiruvai Mozhi.
I do not know the verse number.

Next morning (Day by Day entry, 24th Jan 1946), Bhagavan Ramana
showed Devaraja Mudaliar the written texts of both the verses mentioned previous day, and he also added the following Tayumanavar verse, which, in its middle portion expounds the same theme, (Soham etc.,)

This is from Anandamana Param, verse 7.

Though you dwell as space and the other elements,
as all the worlds in their tens of millions,
as the mountains and the encircling ocean,
as the moon, and sun, and all else that is,
and as the flood of heaven's grace;
and though, as I stand here as 'I',
you dwell united with myself,
still there is no cessation of this 'I',
And since I go blabbering 'I','I',
undergoing countless changes,
ignorant in spite of knowing all this,
will it be easy to overcome the power of destiny?
Is there any means of awakening one,
who even before the day has ended,
remains, feigning sleep, his eyes tightly closed?
What, then, is the way that may be taught?
Yet, this vileness is unjust, so unjust,
Who is there to whom I might plead my cause?

Supreme One, whose form is bliss,
whose unique fullness encompasses
this universe and that which lies beyond!

(Source: Mountain Path, Aradhana, 2005. Robert Butler and others.)

Arunachala Siva.