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Bhagavan Ramana and Saint Poet Tayumanavar
« on: April 03, 2009, 11:41:48 AM »
This is the entry of Devaraja Mudaliar in his Day by Day, dated
17th June 1946.

The famous English poet Tennyson has said:  "... a kind of waking
trance I have frequently had, quite up from boyhood, when I have
been all alone.  This has generally come upon me through repeating
my own name two or three times to myself, silently, till all at once, as it were out of the intensity of consciousness of individuality, the individuality itself seemed to dissolve and fade away into boundless

Bhagavan Ramana said: "That state is called abidance in the Self.
It is described in a number of songs."  He took up Tayumanavar and it opened at the very page he was looking for!

This appears as Verse 8 of Chinamayananda Guru.

Mouna Guru, you who declared,
"The state in which there is neither merging nor separation,
no pairs of oppoisites, no expansion or contraction,
no qualities, no coming or going,
that leaves no lasting trace;
that is free of the three defilements;
that cannot be conceived
in terms of having a top, bottom or sides,
that in which there is neither bindu nor natham,
and in which the five elements,
variously constituted, do not exist;
that in which the knower and his knowledge are not;
that which is without decay;
that which, moreover, is not one and not two,
and is without voice and without mind;
that which is free, even, of the ecstatic seeking,
wherein (the devotee) tastes with his lips,
and drinks from the ocean of bliss
tht is the eternally enduring
supreme and all-pervading reality --
that is the enduring state."

Siddhanta Mukti's Primal Lord!
Dakshinamurti, enthroned in glory upon the lofty Siragiri
Guru, you who are pure consciounsess's form!

(Siragiri - is Tiruchirapalli.  Bindu and Natham are the light and
sound, Saiva Siddhanta terms that describe the Siva Light and
Sakti Sound, the point from where the universe emerges and evolves.)

(Source: Mountain Path. Robert Butler and Others, Jayanti 2005)

Arunachala Siva.