Author Topic: Srimad Ramayana and Guru bhavana  (Read 1582 times)


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Srimad Ramayana and Guru bhavana
« on: April 03, 2009, 11:15:57 AM »
Srimad Ramayana is a large illustration of guru bhavana, says
Govindarajeeyam, a Sri Vaishnavite work.  Sita is the individual
soul, is clothed in ego, and suspicion.  She suspected even Lakshmana, when Mareecha was dying with a scream calling 'Lakshmana!.  Sita said that there was some danger for Sri Rama, who went out chasing the deer and Lakshmana had to go immediately to save him. When Lakshmana assured Sita that no such thing could have happened, Sita with all her ego, suspicion and anger told Lakshmana: "You are not going, because you want me and so Rama's death is not affecting you!"  What a great egoistic suspicion, when Lakshmana was considering Sita as his own mother!  Sita had to pay dividends for her bloated ego and its ill-thoughts.  She was abducted by Ravana.  Later, when the individual soul was regretting all its mistakes and wants re-union with Brahman, (Sri Rama), Guru as
Hanuman comes and re-assures her about her salvation (that is
reunion with Brahman,) in the near future.  Rama as Brahman comes in search of the soul craving for reunion with the Self, after Guru had shown the way.

Arunachala Siva.