Author Topic: Epithets for Rama as applied to Bhagavan Ramana  (Read 1676 times)


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Epithets for Rama as applied to Bhagavan Ramana
« on: April 03, 2009, 11:06:54 AM »
B.V. Narasimhaswami in his famous book Self Realization (1931
Edition), has brought out many epithets for Sri Rama, in the first
chapter of Ramayana, to Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi.

1. Niyathatma - "Of fixed principles".  Like Sri Rama, Bhagavan
Ramana is also a man of fixed principles.  His non-violence had
reached a summit, when He showed His another leg to robbers
for beating, when He had already sustained injuries in His first
leg.  He showed absolute non-resistance to evil is again seen in
context of  utter humiliation at the hands of some bogus sadhus
who had ill-treated Him in the Hill.

2. Dhrutiman - One full of bright ideas, illumination.  If Bhagavan
Ramana applies His mind to anything, His freshness and resorucefulness are evidenced by His offering bright and useful
suggestions. For example rendering Sanskrit works in Tamil like
Vivekachoodamani, kitchen work etc.,

3. Needhiman - Wise, Just.  His wisdom is well known.  Many visitors have been impressed by His wisdom and justice.  He did not even allow His brother, Sarvadhikari Chinnaswami, to arrogate to himself.

4. Sreeman - Favoured of Fortune.  Many visitors came on their own accord to gift Him luxuries  though He did not care a bit for them.

5. Arya - Noble.  True Nobility of character, not merely nobility of birth, unattended by good character.  Many visitors were astonished by his nobility.  He once asked Kavyakanta Ganapati Sastri to sit
along with Him on the 'sofa' for a photograph!  When someone was
distributing pamphlets at the entrance of the Asramam, denigrating
Bhagavan Ramana, He smiled and said:  "Let him do so.  It will help
people who are not appreciating Me, to desist from coming to the
Asramam anymore!" 

6. Smrutiman -  With a powerful memory.  Maharshi had extraordinary memory on spiritual matters, scriptures.  He also remembered a person when he comes for the second time, after many years in between!

BVN quotes many other epithets.

(Source: Self Realization, 1931 edition. B.V. Narasimhaswami)

Arunachala Siva.