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Guru Gita
« on: June 28, 2008, 01:16:59 PM »
Guru Gita, is a dialogue between Siva and Parvati, highlighting the
importance of meditation on Guru and the results from such a meditation.  The book is of 352 verses and there are versions with a difference in
number of verses.  The Divine Life Society of Swami Sivananda, has
come out with an English version and Sri Ramakrishna Math of
Chennai has come out with a Tamil version.  It is an excellent treatise
on Advaita.  Verse 92 says: "O Dear Parvati, Guru is Siva without
three eyes.  He is Hari with two hands.  He is again Brahma without
four faces."    Verse 125 says: " Thus meditating on the Guru, one
acquires real knowledge.  One should then strongly feel, ' By the
teachings of the Guru, I am liberated.'   Arunachala Siva.