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Miracles Do Happen
« on: April 01, 2009, 04:55:02 PM »
Shoshi Shophrony writes:

I was born in Hungary into a warm loving family.  At the age of 16,
I lost my parents and my only sister in the Holocaust.  I got married
very young and in 1949, we immigrated to Israel.  My husband
and I built a new life, a new family.

I began my yoga training in 1968 and learned hatha yoga and raja yoga.  I continue to teach yoga even to this very day.

On a beautiful afternoon, in the summer of 1972, things began to happen.  The very first dream, unexpected and surprising.  I was
lying on the hot sand at the sea shore, near Tel Aviv, with my
husband and our two sons.  I fell asleep and dreamt that I was an Indian boy walking down the streets with my Indian mother.  I asked her to send me to school, but she explained that we were poor and
we had no money for school.  Suddenly my mother stopped and pointed at an old man walking in the opposite direction.  She said
to me:  "Run my son, run to him, because he can teach you for more than you could ever learn in any school!"  And so I did, I ran after
the old man.  Hearing my heavy breathing, the old man stopped me, looked at me with a warm, loving glance and put his hand on my head.  After my lunch, I had my seista and the same dream
came again!

That was it!  I woke up.  From that day, I continued to dream about the loving old man without any idea who he might be and so I referred to him as my old uncle.  The man, my old uncle, came to
my dreams teaching, advising, sometimes reassuring or protecting me.

He appeared and re-appeared even more often around the days of
Yom Kippur War, the October War in 1973,( in the Middle East, beween Arab nations led by Egypt and joined by Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Palestinian guerrillas on the one side and Israel on the other side. Gen Moshe Dayan of Israeli Army won the war for Israel, through the decisive Battle of Sinai).

My elder son Reuven served in the Army.  He had been in great danger together with others, and we worried very much about the fate of all.  He had escaped "by chance" from death during one of the encounters there in the battle front.  During the war, in my dreams, my uncle came comforting and consoling me lovingly.  I felt that he protected
not only me, but also our son, who was in danger.

Another prominent dream about my old uncle concerned my younger son, Rafy, who was 16 years old at that time.  Rafy had asked for our permission to buy a small motorcycle.  We asked him to wait for two more years as per Israeli law.  But Rafy would not give up.  This time, once again, my uncle appeared in my dreams:  The three of us, my uncle, Rafy holding a motorcycle -- and I stood in the middle of a very busy street in Tel Aviv.  My uncle asked me to wait at the side while both of them rode the bike in the heavy traffic.  They began driving awefully fast and dangerously.  I watched them breathlessly, quite frightened.  After a while, they returned with some broad smiles and my loving uncle said to me:  "I took your son into some very difficult situations.  He is clever, skillful and cautious so you should allow him to buy a bike."  As I woke up the next morning, I felt so happy and relieved of this difficult problem.  And I told my husband to buy
a bike for Rafy.

After two years of such dreams, I visited a yoga centre/library.
I randomly opened out a book.  I opened it -- and nearly fainted!
My loving uncle's beautiful face with a brilliant warm glance looked
at me from a picture on the front page.  The name at the bottom said: Sri Ramana Maharshi.  The book's name was Ramana Maharshi and the Path of Self Knowledge.  The uncle in my dream is nothing but
the greatest spiritual masters of the century!

Since then Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi has walked with me hand in hand in my day-to-day life, showing the way to Self Realization.  I found His teachings complete and perfect.  There is never an unnecessary word, nor is there ever a missing one!

I must now confess that my uncle stopped coming in dreams since
I have found my Master and His teachings in many wonderful books.

I owe you all this, Bhagavan, thank you!

(Source: Mountain Path, Aradhana, 2005)

Arunachala Siva.