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Lakshmana Sarma (WHO) - Life and Times
« on: April 01, 2009, 11:35:25 AM »
Lakshamana Sarma was an erudite scholar in Sanskrit.  He has
written Sad Vidya, a commentary on Ulladu Narpadu.  He has also
authored Maha Yoga, Ramana Paravidyoupanishad.  He was also
an authentic nature cure physican.  During 1942, when Vallabhai
Patel, one of the great freedom fighters was critically ill, Maurice
Frydman who was with these leaders wrote to Lakshmana Saram
for a nature cure medicine and Sarma wrote about it and Patel
was cured with that medicine.   He was also running a monthly
journal called The Life Natural, from 1949.  This had stopped after

Lakshman Sarma told his friend Brij Mohan Lal two years before his death:  "I have finished my work, in this life. Then why should I
drag on?"  However, in these two years, he re-wrote his magnum opus, Practical Nature Cure, a 720 page work.  He also completed
his Vedanta Saram and Sudhena Svasthya Mahavidya, a 1500 Sanskrit verse work on nature cure.

Soon his will to live has disappeared. Towards end of Feb 1965, he stopped eating cereal food.  He also stopped all solid food and was
living for fruit juices alone.  Thirteen days before his death, he stopped the fruit juices and lived only water.  On May 3, 1965, he took a few spoonfuls of Ganga water and breathed his last around 6.50 am.

He fearlessly died as he lived fearlessly.

(Source: Aradhana, 2004, Mountain Path.)

Arunachala Siva.