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Miracles Do Happen
« on: March 31, 2009, 12:49:41 PM »
R. Ramasami writes:

I was born in Madurai.  My English Professor in Madurai, has also shown me Bhagavan Ramana's photograph and an article in Bhavan's
Journal.  Somehow I went to Rishikesh and was staying the asharam
there, praying to Mother Ganga, everyday.  Then after some years,
I went to Tibetan monasteries and met some Abbots there.  One
experienced Abbot after such a yogic practice, died of a paralytic
stroke.  After some time, I happened to see some photographs of
Bhagavan Ramana and I was arrested by the beauty and dignity of Bhagavan.  Finally I arrived at Sri Ramanasramam in 1969.  Madurai
to Tiruvannamalai via Rishikesh and Tibet in my case!

My first look at Arunachala did not attract me.  It did not look green enough and fresh despite its plentiful religious promise.  I was deluded by its appearance.  I rated the mountain just like any other
wild place filled with boulders and shrub jungle.  It was an indeed
an illusion.  The great mountain appears to wear a mask and puizzles the people steeped in worldly life.  The Hill which offers no panaromic views of beauty nor wears majestic looks holds a message only for
the sensitive receiver who seeks after a mystic revelation.  This
beautiful hill has had spun on it an imposing legend dating back to pre-historic puranic age.

I went to Virupaksha Cave on a Sivaratri night and it was known
to me there were no need for efforts to focus the mind on Bhagavan, while fully awake that night and I still hold that memory even after lapse of 30 years.

I had had the darshan of Hill inwardly inspired by the example of
Bhagavan Ramana and I found it impossible to turn my head away
from its captivity.  I needed however to learn to take more care and interest in such direct and perfect experiences of Truth, than all
those week-end training camps on spirituality dished out which
engaged me in Rishikesh!

Well, what I began as a pilgrimage with full intent could not have been more aptly culminated than in Arunachala.

(Source: Mountain Path, October-December 2006)

Arunachala Siva.