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The genesis of Sri Ramana Puranam
« on: March 31, 2009, 12:21:18 PM »
Muruganar first composed Sri Ramana Sannidhi Murai, modelled on
Tiruvachakam of Saint Manikkavachagar.  He wrote a number of
poems under this composition.  However Muruganar did not write
Sri Ramana Puranam, (as Siva Puranam, in Tiruvachakam) at all in the
beginning.  Then the idea struck him and he wrote Sri Ramana Puranam.  Even here, he did not know what title he could give.  He could have given Siva Puranam, since Ramana is Siva, but somehow
he was thinking of some other title.  He left the sheaf of papers with
Bhagavan Ramana and went out for his daily alms.  On his return he found that every page of manuscript bore the title name Sri Ramana Puranam!  Not only that.  Bhagavan Ramana had written another 300 lines and rounded up the poem.  In fact, this 300 lines are the longest
composition among any of Bhagavan Ramana's works!

After this, Muruganar, added this as the first poem of Sri Ramana Sannidhi Murai and he made an asterik mark, at the beginning  of
the lines that were composed by Bhagavan Ramana and made a foot note too, to that effect.  Bhagavan Ramana on seeing that, said:
"Oho!  I wrote only those lines only..." 

Wisdom dawned Muruganar and he prostrated with tearful eyes and told Bhagavan Ramana:  "O Bhagavan!  Everything is yours.  You only
wrote through me, as a medium."  He removed the asterik mark and
the footnote.

This information has been found out from Sri Ramanasramam Archives, during the last few years only.  David Godman has made
an English rendering of Sri Ramana Puranam, with good many notes,
and this has come out as a Sri Ramanasramam publication, in 2006.

(Source: Mountain Path, July-October 2006)

Arunachala Siva.