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Kunju Swami episode
« on: March 31, 2009, 11:25:30 AM »
Kunju Swami by then was very old.  He was assisted by an attendant,
who was staying in his room and was giving medicines and water and crystal sugarcandy, whenever Kunju Swami needed them.  One night
around 10 PM, a cinema actor and a cinema director came to the Asramam.  They were bent upon seeing Kunju Swami since they had
to leave the Asramam next morning.  They tapped the door.  The attendant told them that Kunju Swami was very tired and he had already taken tablets for sleep and he could not be disturbed.  The visitors were adamant.  Hearing the bustle at the door, Kunju Swami woke up.  Out of great compassion, he told the attendant to allow the visitors inside.  The visitors shamelessly entered the room and asked Kunju Swami to tell them something.  Kunju Swami then narrated
the following story.

Paravati wanted to do penance.  She wanted a place to be selected by Siva.  Then Siva chose Kasi.  She went to Kasi.  Knowing the news, many many visitors started crowding in Kasi.  The crowd became unmanageable and the crowd had to be fed too, since they had come from far off places.  Uma became Annapoorni and started a big kitchen and fed them all everyday.  Soon she found that she had no time to do penance.  She was only serving food all the time.  She soon realized her mistake and asked Siva what to do?  Siva said: Name and fame are obstacles to penance.  Please go to Kanchipuram.  She then went to Kanchipuram, stayed at the jungle on the outskirts, stood on a needle point surrounded by fire and did penance.

The visitors to Kunjuswami laughed and said:  Even Parvati has got obstacles to penance.  Yes, said Kunju Swami and then closed the story.  The visitors did not perhaps understand that they were causing nuisance to penance of Kunju Swami.  They left him, thanking him!

Kunju Swami then said to his attendant:  Some story.... some visitors.... If they understand anything that is good.  And then he went to sleep!

(Source: Mountain Path, Oct-Dec 2006)

Arunachala Siva.