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Tiru ViLaiyadal Puranam
« on: March 31, 2009, 11:01:29 AM »
Once when Siva and Uma were sitting relaxedly in Kailas, the six
Krittika Girls, who were mothers to Skanda and gave him milk in
the Saravana Pond, came to the Divine Mother and Father and
asked them to teach Ashtama Siddhis, the 8 great Siddhic powers.
Siva told them: "Uma is the presiding deity for 8 great siddhis.  So
you contemplate her in the mind and then listen to my teaching.
After learning, you should contemplate on Uma everyday, to retain
those powers."   They all agreed.  The six mothers of Skanda, were
taught the Ashtama Siddhis.  But due to forgetting daily contemplation on Uma, they forgot those Siddhis in due course.
Siva cursed them to be born as six rocks in a place called Patta Mangai, near Madurai.  They took the form of six rocks and remained
near Madurai for long, long time.  Siva came after many years as a
Siddha and stood before these rocks.  The rocks became alive as
six Karttikai Mothers and then Siva taught them the Siddhis once again.  They thanked him and remained as the friends in the inner courtyard of Princess Meenakshi and served her till Meenakshi was
married to Somasundara and the divine couple returned to Kailas.

(Source: Tiru ViLaiayadal Puranam, Saint Paranjyoti. Tamil Verses
with prose in between. Sri Kasi Math, TiruppanandaL, near Thanjavur.)

Arunachala Siva.